Top 10 Job Search Portals in India

There are a lot of job search sites were companies and recruiters post job vacancies via software for recruitment. Job seekers browse jobs on these sites as per their qualifications, skill, and industry.

The most significant advantage of this system is that job vacancies are open to a wide talent pool instead of being limited to a small number of applicants. Anybody can apply for jobs anywhere, regardless of their own location.

If you’re seeking jobs in India, here are the most popular job sites which you need to be aware of. Let’s have a look.


One of the oldest job search sites. Founded in 1997, it is accessed by a number of Indians daily. It has aided people in finding jobs in India as well as across the world. International multinational listings, premium global opportunities and presence in Gulf countries make this site a more enhanced and refined one. In the premium version, you can seek an expert’s advice while building your resume and highlighting strengths and weaknesses. The site gets updated by daily job postings from recruiters. and is free to job seekers.

2.      Indeed

Being the #1 among all job sites in India, indeed has become the catalyst for putting the world to work and became one of the best job search websites in India. They don’t just offer job postings but also a company review feature that allows applicants to get an idea about the company they are applying to.

3.      Goodspace

GoodSpace is one of the best upcoming job search and instant hiring platforms in India. The job postings are not just limited to India; you can apply to jobs from across the world and exponentially increase your chances of landing a job! On GoodSapce recruiters not just look at your professional skills but non cognitive / behavioral skills as well which are verified based on peer feedback. With Goodspace app seamless interface one can get a response from the recruiters in 24 hours.

4.      Glassdoor

Whenever applying for a job, most people check the company on glassdoor. In its unconventional way, glassdoor has helped people find the right jobs for them. Here, you can find the company details, pay ranges, interview questions and reviews from the employees themselves. It clearly enjoys being the leader in the world with the largest professional network and branching out to 200 countries and more

5.      LinkedIn

It is a crime to talk about careers and not mention LinkedIn. It is a golden charm for all professional networking and not just scouting for jobs. Here you can find employees from various organisations, talk to them about their job and aspirations, apply for openings and take skill assessments. It is a huge pack in itself. Since most of the decision-makers and recruiters are on LinkedIn, reaching out to them directly gets easier when you have a presence on this platform. You can even spend your time here, engage in conversations and grow your network organically. 

6.      Fresherworlds

Another job search site is focused on freshers and recent grads who do not have much work experience and are just beginning to look out for the job. They also provide various upskilling that help people while applying for jobs.

7.      MonsterIndia

Trusted by a lot of people, MonsterIndia is yet another of the oldest job search sites. Apart from many jobs, there is also a blog section where one can read about the latest job trends, understand the community and gain insights. With operations spreading across 40+ countries, MonsterIndia is a go-to cutting edge technology provider for recruiters across the world. They also have a Right Resume service that offers specific tips based on which level you are in.

8.      JobsRapido

Spread across 58 countries, it is a job portal that does not share your information with any 3rd party. They take the applicants’ concerns into consideration before going ahead with the job. Free job posting sites do make the work much easier for startups or multinational companies who want to cut down on the fancy bills of recruitment.

9.      Upwork

While we are talking about internships and full-time jobs, Upwork is a site that allows people to seek work opportunities as part-timers and freelancers. The candidate can put on their skills, their charges and find projects which suit them. It allows people to get exposure before applying for full-time jobs and also make extra money.

10.  Shine

The job portal managed by HT Media is a creative spot for people to find jobs in India and seek career advice from professionals. Some of the standard features of the job portal include phone, email, and live chat support, easy-to-navigate, and have an app too.